Building to Impact: The 5D Implementation Playbook for Educators
Written by
Arran Hamilton – Group Director, Education, Cognition Learning Group
Douglas B. Reeves – Center for Performance Assessment
Janet M. Clinton – University of Melbourne, Australia
John Hattie – The University of Melbourne, Australia

Foreword by Dylan Wiliam


Turn ideas into goals—and goals into impact

The road to school improvement and student achievement is paved with good intentions—so why does the destination seem so far away? If you’re like most educators, the answer is a pothole known as the implementation gap.

This book provides a road map to bypassing that gap in your school or district, offering a carefully researched, field-tested methodology that takes leadership teams, professional learning communities, and educators all the way from good ideas to systematic impact. Following the five Ds, you’ll:

  • Discover goals worth pursuing and problems worth addressing
  • Design instruments and actions that generate deep impact
  • Deliver interventions and collect data
  • Double-back to monitor your progress and evaluate the impact
  • Double-up to enhance, sustain, and scale your success

You became an educator to make a difference in students’ lives. With this playbook, you’ll transform research and ideas into achievable actions—and make maximum impact.


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